Magic Search provides professional services in the following areas:

Permanent Placements

The recruitment process can only be successful when we can satisfy the demands of both candidates and employers. Therefore, we take time to understand all our clients’ needs and then identify the right potential candidates for the positions.

We are here to provide our clients with tailor-made and sustainable services and to establish long-term relationships with our clients.

Temporary / Contract Positions

Co-employment is an ideal option for many employers seeking staff with immediate availability. These temporary employees are employed under Magic Search and salaries, statuary contributions, insurance, and management of these temporary staff are all taken care of by Magic Search, hence providing employers with a hassle-free short-term employment solution. Should an employer choose to transition project-based employees to full-time staff, Magic Search will be here to ensure the transition is simple, flawless, and smooth.

Executive Search

We strongly believe that a good employee is one of the greatest assets of a company, therefore, hiring the right executive candidate is one of the most crucial decisions a company can make.

From our comprehensive executive database, we assess each potential candidate through exhaustive interviews and in-depth evaluations of their competency, skills, experiences as well as personalities before we present them to our clients.