About Us

Working Our Magic on Recruitment

Established in 2011, Magic Search is committed to matching employers and candidates through a humanised approach, pragmatic attitude, passion for the industry, and substantial experience. Our services cover from frontline to top management positions, including contingency search that dealing with permanent, temporary, and executive position. We strive to identify outstanding talents for our clients and create opportunities for candidates, thus creating a win-win situation.

Passion is in Our DNA

At its inception, Magic Search primarily provided recruitment services for the luxury and lifestyle retail sectors. We believe that passion brings dedication. Our team attaches great importance to quality living and is passionate about luxury environment. Only by taking the initiative to learn the background, characteristics, and latest trends of a brand can we identify the perfect talents.

Believing that concentration brings perfection, we zero in to study a single industry from the inside out–even know the culture of the clients’ company and their expectations for prospective employees. Over the years, we have helped multiple renowned international brands hunt for vital talents. As striving for perfection, we are expanding our focus from one industry to more sectors, including luxury property, luxury hospitality, and personalised services.

What You Think, What We Think

Refusing to achieve A+A=2A, but A x A=A2, we adopt a humanised approach by not treating our recruitment services as a daily routine, and not just putting an A in the position of A, but endeavouring to unearth candidate’s talents. Convinced by the fact that every appropriate job opportunity can be the cornerstone of professional achievement, our team takes heed of every candidate and keeps all relevant information of the employers/ candidates in mind. By putting ourselves in others’ shoes, we identify ourselves as candidates to seek the most suitable company and position.

Think Much & Work More

We pursue practical solutions instead of empty talk. By abandoning intricate procedures for more straightforward working approaches, our team gives an ear to our clients’ and candidates’ needs in the direct conversations and keeps an eye on the details and the distinctiveness of each company. In order to bring the best fit candidate to our clients, we invest in the RMS system and have more than 50,000 candidates’ profiles. We have also created accounts for each team members in all major job portals to enhance our efficiency.

Talent is Asset

Magic Search is a fun and energetic company with a comfortable working environment. We value every talent and believe their performance is proportionate to their mental health. Therefore, we also champion the principle of diversity and inclusion by providing equal employment opportunities and LGBTQ-friendly policies. For us, employees are the essence.