Our Services

Contingency Search

We serve to match each job vacancy with the perfect candidate. Charged individually by each job vacancy, clients are only billed upon successful appointment, providing them with more flexibility in handling recruitment matters.

Services include:

• Permanent Placement – Based on the needs of our clients to match the talents. We facilitate the establishment of long-term employment relationships between employers and their recruits, as well as the career growth of the candidates.

• Temporary Placement – Considered the unique requirements of short-term positions, including working period, working hours, notice period and etc. in matching. We also assist candidates looking for short-term or part-time positions to land the perfect jobs.

• Executive Search – In response to the more demanding requirements for C-level positions, such as relevant work experience, extensive industry knowledge, leadership, and the ability to adapt to a company’s culture, we conscientiously hand-pick the most suitable talents.

Store Opening Project

Designed for the brands’ newly opened physical stores in Hong Kong and Macau, this exclusive service recruit total headcount of the store within the specific time before its opening. For clients who are opening a store for the first time, we will even provide relevant information, including recruitment advice, salary range advice, and competitor-related information, to support them in perfecting their recruitment.

Payroll Service

By handling the payroll issues on behalf of our clients, we disentangle them from cumbersome procedures, saving their time and labor cost, thus allowing them to better utilize their company’s resources in other matters.

Some of our services:

Payroll Account Setting & Maintenance
Monthly Salary Calculation and Payment
Pay Slip Preparation and Distribution
Payroll Reporting

MPF Enrolment & Maintenance

Tax Reporting

Training Service

Our comprehensive training services cover a broad spectrum of subjects, including targeted training for employees of different ranks, pre- and post-training assessments, KPIs formulation for clients, and guidance for the internal trainers of clients. Apart from technical training, we also provide team-building activities to enhance the morale and sense of belonging of our client’s employees. In addition, we offer the practical advice on talent management through our Total Talent Management Consultancy Services.

Some of our services:

Product Training

Selling Skill Training
Training & Coaching Skill Training
Leadership Training
Presentation Skill Training
Mystery Shopping Program
Career Aptitude Test
Aimed to analyse the personality of candidates, our Career Aptitude Test assists them in better understanding their potentials, strengths, and weaknesses, so is to enable our clients to evaluate whether the potential candidates can meet the job requirement and fit in with the company culture.

Tests include:

• DISC – Abbreviated for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance, DISC refers to the different personalities, working styles, and strengths of these four behavioral characteristics. Based on the test results, we analyze the test taker’s character orientation and personal values to offer appropriate job advice.

• OPQ – Abbreviated for Occupational Personality Questionnaire. Based on the test taker’s answers, we analyze their work behavior characteristics and working preferences to evaluate their most suitable work environment and job type.